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  To ensure the best experience please honor my request. If you are a newbie or a connoisseur, please fill out my contact form or text me your name, references, time you are looking for and duration of appointment. Hi, or What up! or anything of that nature will be ignored.  Speak to me as an educated gentleman and only email or text. I will not answer calls nor will I call you. Nor will I  communicate sole by e-mail.  After you are screened, which is very discrete and painless process. We can move on to your sensual experience.

  I screen to protect my safety as well as yours. If you are uncomfortable with my screening process then we can not meet. I am allowing you to spend time with me alone. Keep this in mind !! The information that you provide is used by me only. After you are screened all info is destroyed. I understand the business and have a great deal of knowledge that I enjoy sharing. I respect my clients and I ask the same in return. I come well recommended and all I ask is that you approach me as a gentleman and you will be rewarded. Talk to me like a street walker and our discussion will be terminated. I am Latina and we are loving by nature but can anger very quickly by rudeness. All  info that you need can be found on my website. I will not discuss services. I think you can read between the lines to get an idea of what your session will consist of. With this in mind  I want to be clear I am not GFE , no saliva of any kind  it is unattractive to me.

 Once you have passed screening my address will be given. Once you arrive please text me and directions will follow. Please be freshly showered if not, a shower is available. I will not deduct the time if you choose to shower. Fresh linens and all toiletries are available. Cleanliness is godliness !!! I am very  particular  in who I see.

  I look forward to pampering you and I am sorry that I have to give directions on how to approach a lady but some of you need a little more nurturing than others. If you cant follow my simple request we are not a good fit. 

look forward to pampering you !

Sensual Montana

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